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Intergrated End-to-End Solution

Benefits at Front End Retail Store

Real Time Information

Konverge is a proprietary software that works on real-time data (RTD). It means information can be delivered immediately after collection. Real time information adds value to the business and helps business owners to make faster decisions in tackling the volatile business environment.

24x7 Support

Every business owner knows that the importance of unwavering support from the Application and IT vendor. Being able to contact IT support at anytime is critical especially for the retail & F&B clients.

User Friendly

Konverge front-end and back-end applications boast an intuitive and easy-to-navigate GUI. With a few clicks of the buttons, users can easily navigate throughout the applications. Konverge’s user-friendliness means that it is more efficient to use as it takes less time to complete a task, easier to learn, and more pleasurable to use, thereby delivering better customer satisfaction.

Hassle-free Integration

Konverge applications are built for collaboration and posses a ready set of APIs for easy integration with 3rd party software or hardware. With this, customers can have access to a rich and broad range of value-added products, thereby creating a ecosystem of devices and technologies to support the business owners in growing the company.

Benefits at Our Back Office

Streamline Business Operations

Konverge is a proven platform to help companies streamline their business operations. In place of manual processes that result in great efficiencies, Konverge connects operational processes across departments and serves as a central application for departments to work closely together. Konverge manages operations from sales, finance, inventory, warehouse, purchasing and integrates front-end to back-end operations in a seamless way, providing a single real-time source of information.

Optimized Business Process Efficencies

Konverge not only streamlines business processes but also optimize business processes in an efficient and optimal way that meet the company’s specific needs. Konverge help business owners to able optimize and restructure business processes to increase efficiency and transparency, reduce costs, and improve service for its customers.

Spur Growth

With tighter processes, better controls and real-time access to critical information, business owners are well-positioned to create market differentiation to accelerate the business and spur the growth of the company. The result? Increased revenue, better cost controls and greater profitability.

Integrated Information

With an integrated solution, Konverge gives business owners one of the most important and critical systems used for everything, from day-to day business management to complex decision making. Konverge provides real-time integrated information to business owners to make important decisions dynamically.

Insight into Customer Behavior & Operational Issues

Through Konverge Business Intelligence, business owners can access to comprehensive data about customer buying patterns, preferences, and spending power. An insight into customer behaviour and attitudes can help understand customer segmentation and drive the business to new levels. Further, through data analytics, business owners are able to better understand the weak links in the operations and devise ways to counter it.