A good CRM enables retail marketers to quickly engage their target audience and manage customer data, gain insights in shopper behaviour, and personalise engagement with customers across social media, mobile, e-mail, online, and in-store channels, achieving in significant increase in sales and loyalty.

Data-Capture & Management

Methods are created to collect, augment and enrich data; this allows retailers to capture customer, transaction, campaigns and other data from social media, mobile, e-mail, online and store channels. Integrating the analysed data helps create a unified view of the customer.

  • Social Media

  • E-Commerce

  • Third Party Data

  • POS & Tablet

  • Mobile Web, Apps & Text

  • E-Mail

Deep Customer Insights

KPIs, Dashboard and reports are created to fully understand your customer base. Customer segments are also created to let you understand the customer behaviour, demographic profiles and channel preferences. This provides the foundation of the unified view of the customer and helps creates offers and campaigns for new, active, loyal and inactive customers. Marketing spend is maximised and campaign response rates increase significantly.

Personalised customer interactions

Customer insights allow you to create and run marketing campaigns and loyalty programs through the channels customers prefer. You can now engage customers in a much more personalised and relevant manner. Customer-facing employees are now enabled to provide personalised recommendations and offers inside the store at Point-of-Sales.