As companies embarked on transforming their businesses with the help of Information Technology, companies often land in a situation where they have to deal with many vendors as they struggle to piece together individual hardware and systems to work together.


At Solution Details, we believe that it is important to handle the interoperability of the systems in order to ensure an integrated system for the client organization. To do this, we provide a complete suite of hardware and solutions that will deliver a holistic and seamless integrated system for the customer.

Konverge POS Konverge POS

Konverge POS

Reliable, Sleek, Elegant

The new Konverge POS offers retailers an unparalleled sleek & elegant design that enhances the image of the store effortlessly. Today’s retailers need a point-of-sale technology that not only acts as a transactional machine, but should be one that adds to the elegance of a modern store environment. With Konverge POS, retailers no longer have to make do with bulky POS machines. Instead, Konverge POS’ small footprint and appealing design enables it to fit easily to the retail environment.

Designed by leading industrial designers, Konverge POS features a 15-inch display and offers the option of a second 9.7 inch customer display. Its an integrated barcode scanner and a biometrics reader makes it more streamlined without the hassle of attaching separate peripherals. Konverge POS comes with a retail-hardened design and durability and its solid state drive ensures its reliability and robustness.

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Konverge Printer Konverge Printer

Konverge Printer

Konverge Printer is built with extreme durability and delivers efficiency to your retail environment.

With a auto cutter life of up to 1 million cuts, Konverge printer is specially engineered to deliver fast and high quality printing and is ideal for both retail and F&B outlets.

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For customers that wants a modern and sleek POS, we offer HP RP7, a POS with all the capabilities including MSR and dual screen display that will enhance the image of your stores. For more information and details, feel free to download the HP RP7 e-brochure.

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Pioneer POS Thermal Printer Pioneer POS Thermal Printer

Pioneer POS Thermal Printer

Pioneer Thermal Printer offers outstanding value and reliability for Retail and F&B outlets. Available in black and white, the printer comes with a 80mm with auto cutter and a print density 180 x 180 dpi.

STEP4_coverFor more information and details, download the Pioneer POS Thermal Printer e-brochure.

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Handheld PDAs Handheld PDAs

Handheld PDAs

Motorola MC3190G /R /S

As an offering to our to customers looking for a complete solution for their warehouse and distribution operations, we provide two models of Motorola Handheld Terminals designed to support our customer’s operations. Motorola MC3190G /R /S is a ruggedized yet handy PDA that supports 1D / 2D / DPM barcode scanner, WLAN and RFID and offers Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) and a 3” Display.

motorola_mc3100Motorola MC3190 series is suitable for use in warehousing and distribution operations, field service, manufacturing and production floors as well as in the Retail. This series can be used for functions such as price checks, inventory and stock take, backroom management, asset management, goods receipt, put-away, pick and pack, shipping and dispatch.

For more information and details, download the Motorola MC3190G/R/S e-brochure.

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Motorola MC65

Customers may consider the Motorola MC65 to facilitate the operations. The Motorola MC65 is a ruggedized model that supports voice & data 1D/2D barcode and RFID. Comes with 3.2MP Camera, and a 3.5” VGA display, the MC65 also supports 3.5G GSM HSDPA / HSUPA / WLAN, GPS.

Motorola MC65 is suitable for use for Retail, Manufacturing / Production, Field Service & Field Sales and Transportation & Logistics. It is recommended for functions to check price, inventory and stock take, back room management, Sales force automation, mobile CRM, fleet management, dispatch, track and trace, pickup and deliver.

For more information and details, download the Motorola MC65 e-brochure.

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Others Others


In order to bring a complete solution to our customer and be their single point of contact for IT solutions, we offer other hardware including Desktops, Laptops & Tablets (Apple, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Dell, etc), Routers and Wireless Access Points and Servers like IBM X Series and HP ML Series.

  • Network monitoring
  • Systems infrastructure maintenance
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Server
  • Laptop and desktops
  • Routers/switches/access points
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One of the biggest challenges businesses face in their operations is in inventory management. Whether you are a retailer, a distributor or a manufacturer, inaccurate inventory is not a new problem. But with increasing costs, greater customer expectations to be met, and the need to increase profit and margin, businesses have raised the bar on inventory accuracy to new levels. Businesses are therefore looking to Radio Frequency-Identification technology (RFID) to solve inventory management problems and help drive much sought-after gains.

We have enabled some of the best known RFID technologies to provide our customers a comprehensive solution to inventory management. The suite of hardware available includes RFID readers, RFID antennas and RFID tags.

For more information of the products, please feel free to download their e-brochures:

Intermec Fixed Reader

Intermec RFID-Antenna Comparison

Motorola Fixed Reader FX7400

Motorola RFID Antenna Family

RFID Reader Brochure

RFID Tag Selection Guide brochure

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