Konverge Retail ERP

Simplify your operations through seamless integration, scale as you grow

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Consumers today are sophisticated. They shop where and when they want, and expect products to be available whenever they want them. They also want to shop anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices.

Konverge ERP Retail helps retailers to connect, optimize and transform their operations. Retailers use Konverge ERP Retail solution to seamlessly integrate among stores, warehouses, suppliers and headquarters, in order to bring about an unparalleled shopping experience to their customers and to drive customer loyalty.

Financials Management

The financials modules in Konverge incudes General Ledger, Accounts receivables and Account Payables, Bank Reconciliation and Budgeting.  Outlets can also be managed as individual profit centres and consolidated into company P&L.

Article Number, Color and Size Function

In Konverge ERP Retail, all items can be listed by color and size.   Item information can be entered easily with a pop-up matrix which allows users to key in quantity, color and size.  The item number can be a combination of article number+color code+size code. Use of color and size improves inventory management and enables analysis of sales trends by sizes and colors, thereby assisting retailers in their merchandize assortment planning.      

Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is critical to managing costs, measuring shrinkage and improving the customer shopping experience. Konverge inventory management includes goods receipt, stock transfer, stock adjustment and stock take modules. Konverge automatically updates stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made.

Retailers may use hand-held PDAs in scanning incoming and outgoing goods from the main warehouse. The PDAs will scan the barcode, lot number and item details of the products.

Konverge ERP inventory management is tightly integrated to Konverge point-of-sale. At the outlets, staff can request for stocks replenishment at the Item Request Module at POS System. This request is submitted to HQ for stocks to be picked and packed for replenishment.

In Konverge Inventory system, each outlet is treated as a warehouse and outlets staff is able to transfer stocks internally amongst outlets to prevent a stock out situation at outlets. Information on stock transfers are synchronized to Konverge ERP on a real time basis to ensure inventory accuracy at all times.

Konverge Inventory Management provides the accurate and timely visibility into inventory that is so important to providing great customer service. Its seamless integration between outlets and head office inventory gives visibility to the stock levels at all times.

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Sales Process Management

The sales process involves Sales Order process, AR Invoice, Delivery Order and Batch Process. Sales at each retail outlets are consolidated and exported into Konverge ERP sales order module.  A batch process is activated to generate sales orders into AR invoices and stocks are deducted as sales are recognized.

Purchase Process Management

The purchase process involves Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Receive Note, Purchase Return and AP Invoice. Purchase requisitions can be consolidated to one Supplier Purchase Order. Upon receiving the Items from supplier, users will capture the incoming items using PDAs. System will generate goods received note for items in ERP and GRN details will be exported to HQ POS outlet and inventory is tallied. AP invoices will be created in the system.