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The most successful business owner is the one staying abreast of the latest in software and computer technology for helping to maintain management, stock and several vital aspects of customer service and support. No matter what kind of retail or F&B business you run, taking the time to invest in ways to enhance the highest level of customer satisfaction is essential for increasing your profits and gaining more loyal customers

How You Can Provide the Best Retail Shopping Experience 

Nothing can be more frustrating than visiting a retail store in search of an item only to find that the store is out of stock. Customers  become frustrated and will relate the incident to poor service.  The retailer will not only lose the sale but may also stand to lose the customer altogether.   However this problem can be addressed with an Integrated POS solution that not only gives you real-time information on stock levels, but will retain critical information on the customer, their purchase history and preferences, thereby building your customer retention levels and increasing customer statisfaction.

Konverge POS Software for Retail Industry 

The retail business that maintains well-stocked shelves, an informed staff and excellent customer service can be difficult to achieve without using a computerized, integrated system that gives you greater control. Many benefits come with using Konverge POS Solution that provides you greater management and control over your retail business:

  • Inventory control allows you to know your stock levels and trigger stock replenishments based on optimal levels that must be maintained to meet expected service levels and demand.
  • Customer Relationship Management System is crucial to synchronizing your marketing activities to your sales and service levels.  Konverge CRM allows you to know your customers, undertand them and retain them.  An effective CRM system translates into effective marketing activities that attract new clients.
  • Konverge Mobile application offers consumers a completely new spectrum of cross-channel shopping experience.   Konverge Mobile application connects the in-store and digital customer experience by offering a seamless integration from shopping-on-the-go to order fulfillment to the consumer.

From saving time and money on managing inventory to gaining customers and sales e-commerce and m-commerce, Konverge POS can help you make more of your retail business by enhancing business profitability and allowing your customers enjoy a unique cross channel shopping experience.

Koverge POS Software for F&B Industry 

Imagine patronizing a restaurant and having to wait a long time for your order to be taken, only to have the wrong items served can be both frustrating and unsettling.  In the competitive world of F&B, excellent customer service levels play a crucial differentiating factor to your F&B outlet

Running a F&B outlet with Ease and Greater Profitability

The F&B industry has a come a long way in just a decade with more options available to business owners like online customer ordering and more efficient ways to order supplies. Many benefits come with using an effective point of sale software in a food and beverage business:

  • IPAD ordering systems frees up today’s labour crunch issues by enabling customers to order their food, which are in turn sent to the kitchen.  This cuts down on wait time and reduces errors in ordering process.
  • Experience the efficiency of mobile POS that gives you the opportunity to take care of business from your mobile device.
  • E-commerce and M-Commerce options gives you the benefit of customers ordering online, an excellent way to increase your profits with the least amount of order time for your employees.

Taking steps forward in your F&B business can start right away by learning more about POS software here and how to get the most benefit from it. Enhancing your customer’s dining experiences starts with you being able to get their orders in a timely manner and serving orders fast.

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