Konverge POS, F&B

Improve the speed of service, Enhanced customer experience, the only POS you ever need

Konverge F&B POS

At Solution Details, our philosophy is to leverage on technology to ease customers’ operational challenges in managing their F&B operations. Our range of front-end solutions which cater to Quick Service Restaurants and Dine-in Restaurants make a real difference to business efficiency and profitability.

Transforming with Technology

Konverge POS and e-Menu are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making the ordering experience a fuss-free one for both customer and establishment. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen display system while billing is automatically captured within the system, ensuring greater accuracy, speedier service, and preventing stock wastage in getting meals to the table.

The usage of wearable technology to alert servers to customer requests for service and billing creates new opportunities for data capture that allows management to gain better insights into employee productivity and speed of service, and efficiency at both centralized and decentralized levels. This enables staffing issues to be identified and addressed almost instantaneously, engendering higher standards of professionalism and quality in the workplace.

Konverge Quick Serve Kiosk POS

Simple to learn and easy to use for all ages. Highly configurable POS system with speed, power and flexibility

  • Petty Cash Management
  • Stock Movement Management
  • Online / Mobile Ordering
  • Supports different languages

Konverge Café / Restaurant POS

Complex requirements made easy. Seamless integration of POS with e-Menu and KDS, enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer experience. Our integrated POS system is designed to simplify the operations and at the same time to build higher loyalty with customers.

  • Item Requisition
  • Urgent Requisition
  • Reservation
  • CRM
  • Multi-tier Promotion

Konverge QSR POS

In the quick-service environment, there is a clear expectation for customers who join the drive-thru or in-store queue, that is to get quality food fast. Speed of service is in direct correlation to your overall sales. Konverge QSR POS is primarily built for speed and is advanced and easy to use. We give you what you need the way you want it.

  • Captures the speed of service
  • Allows centralised and de-centralised purchase
  • Traceability on stock movement
  • Real-time data
  • Single store or multi-chain management
Konverge e-Menu

Konverge e-Menu

Konverge e-Menu is creatively designed to manage an entire decentralised F&B environment in café and casual restaurant to receive orders from tables simultaneously. It is easy to use and informative. Key Benefits:

  • Better management in workflow by minimizing the waiting time on order placement
  • Providing various payment gateways
  • Increase sales by 15% of less popular items through scrumptious visuals
  • Increase operational efficiency by augmenting table turnover by 10 minutes
Konverge Self-Service Payment Kiosk

Konverge Self-Service Payment Kiosk

Konverge Self-Service Payment Kiosk is designed with a small footprint and is certified by Nets and various banks in handling the major credit cards such as VISA, Master, JCB and AMEX.

It is also capable to accept and dispense cash in the transaction.

Intuitively designed with video visuals, customer can easily handle the ordering flow to payment settlement. Key benefits:

  • Captures the speed of service
  • User friendly interface aided with video visuals eliminates training totally
  • Supports Cash, Nets and Credit Cards
  • Increased productivity and reduced manpower dependency
  • Maintains high level of service consistency
  • Highly Affordable

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