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Handles complex SKUs, Real-time Inventory Management, Multi-Tier Promotion. A simple system handling complex requirements

Konverge Retail POS

Konverge Point-of-Sales (POS) offers functions and a comprehensive platform to retailers to deliver on brand promise in store with inventory visibility, customer intelligence, and seamless transactions. Konverge POS brings to retailers visibility across all outlets be it inventory details or customer information and purchase history. Its ease of use allows outlet staff to process customer transactions quickly.

Greater transparency in Stock Management

Traditional methods of requesting stock replenishment by fax, phone or email still give rise to manual errors and missed orders. These are costly mistakes that hit a business’s top line revenue and profitability. Konverge POS’s Item Requisition module puts all these away with an automated end-to-end system that links individual store outlets to the back-office system at head office.

Re-order quantities are based on quantities sold weekly or PAR level. When an outlet employee selects a particular item, the system will populate the re-order quantity for that item, transmitting the request electronically to the head office for processing and subsequent deliveries to that particular outlet.

The cost and time savings resulting from this leads to increased staff capacity and productivity gains, enabling retailers and service providers to focus on growing business revenue instead of being bogged down by burdensome administrative or error-prone processes.

Every POS system on the market today offers some form of inventory management capability. However, Konverge POS Inventory Management sets the benchmark with its Stock-Transfer, Stock-In / Out, Stock Check and Stock-Return modules that provide full transparency and clarity for stock movement. Using outlet transfer requests (OTRs), users are able to move stock from a transferring outlet to a receiving outlet, where the quantity received can be accurately matched against the system captured OTR.

Konverge Retail POS

Konverge Retail POS offers a comprehensive platform to retailers to deliver on brand promise in store with inventory visibility, customer intelligence, and seamless transactions. Easily track inventory in single store operation or chain-store operation, handles Multi-Pricing, Promotions and discounts, and user friendly Customer Loyalty System Powerful, reliable and scalable, Konverge POS meets the complex requirements of every retail business. Key Benefits

  • Handles multi-tier pricing, promotions and discounts
  • Returns and Refund of past transactions
  • Traceability on stock movement
  • E-Commerce integrated
  • Real-time data
  • Single store or multi-chain management


In today’s competitive market, your website is an important channel for attracting, retaining, and engaging with prospects, customers, and/or partners.

Your E-Commerce website is a 24/7 storefront without the heavy operation costs like shop rental and staff payroll. It continues to get new sales even when your physical shops have already close for the day. You can now fulfil the buying needs of customers who could not purchase from your shops physically due to location or schedule barriers.

To create a successful E-Commerce website that can generate you an on-going revenue stream, you need a digital strategy that can:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website
  • Bring immediate focus on the company's Unique Selling Point
  • Persuade prospects to engage your company's product/services
  • Improve search engine recognition
  • Improve design and usability of the website
Konverge Inventory Management System

Konverge Inventory Management System

Purchasing activities trigger incoming of goods while Sales activities trigger outgoing of goods. Konverge Inventory Management System tackles the precise tracking of inventory movements, allocation, handles the batches, lots and SKU numbers, automate inventory count update with real-time reports.

  • Instant real-time inventory check, improves inventory accuracy
  • Integrated Barcode Label Print with Mobile Inventory Tracking and Kanban System
  • Reduce the inventory turnover cycle

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